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Nov. 23rd, 2016

Mask of God

Posted For Posterity


They are. That's the reson [sic] they lost: because white men realized that voting for the democrats would be like a jew voting for the NsdAP.

Sjws/ intersectional feminists/liberals are to white men as nazism is to jews: The fundamental basis of modern feminist thought is patriarchy theory. This theory implies that men have more political, economic and social power than they deserve and this situation has arisen from oppression; Men have kept women down and reserved high status positions for themselves. The patriarchy can't really be proven to exist or is detectable in any form, it's more of a conglomeration of social norms.

This is eerily similar of the argument Hitler brought forth against the jews. He called it international/world jewry: Jewish thought and ideology is injected in governments and higher classes of power; This has allowed jews to take high status positions for themselves. They have kept hardworking germans down and basically build upon their backs. Jewry can also not really be proven to exist and is also not tangible as a concept, but is more of a shadowy conglomeration of social norms.

Out of patriarchy theory arise several other ideas, for example toxic masculinity. The concept of maleness is a creation of patriarchy designed to keep women down and gender roles in place; It is also responsible for most or all of the oppression and conflict in the world, as toxic masculinity forces men into the role of oppressor and warmongerer. There seems to be no real difference between masculinity and toxic masculinity, so it comes down to the following:

It's not that feminists hate men, which is what they again and again repeat, but that they hate everything they are.

This is very similar to the concept of unclean blood. Jews are born with unclean blood, which forces them into the role of a parasite and warmongerer. They oppress the german people and were also ultimately responsible for them starting and losing a war with other european people who have in general cleaner blood closer to the aryan ideal.

Hitler also said several times that he has nothin against the jews per se; He doesn't hate them, he just sees it as fact that their blood makes them turn into parasites and opressors. This is why they need to go.

Male allies: To prove that they don't hate men, feminists will often say that there are many 'male allies' in modern feminism. These men have rejected (toxic) masculinity and socially informed gender roles and behaviours and have taken up the fight against the patriarchy. It is true that in the eyes of most feminists, these people will never have the same worth as female members, since they have never faced the same oppression as women; But through their service to feminist thought, they are at least partially redeemed.

Half-jews: Half-jews are basically people who have mixed, partially jewish heritage. Half-jews can basically go either way: Their jewish unclean, blood can come through or their aryan heritage. The best way to prove this is on the battlefield; Since that's the place true aryan heroes can truly shine, a half-jew can prove his worth by fighting alongside his german brothers-in-arms. It is true that he will never be regarded as a fully aryan member of the master race (he also won't be allowed to procreate), but he can through his service at least partially redeem himself. (I seem to recall that the concept of half-jews has been abandoned in later years, but still...)

I could go on endlessly, but I will close with one of the most striking examples of the similarities of feminsm and nazism: Intersectional feminism and the progressive stack.

Intersectional feminism is a concept of not only recognizing women as an oppressed class, but taking other people from other victim-classes into account. Out of this concept arises the progressive stack: The society has to award more sympathy and help, the higher up you are on that stack; This has been called by anti-feminists the "victim-olympics." As a woman is oppressed by a man, a black person (or other minority) is oppressed by a white person, someone disabled by someone able-bodied, a homosexual by a heterosexual, a transgender by a cisgender, etc. The thing of it is that the nazis had almost the exact same stack, only in reverse order: They have race, where the jews stand lowest, followed by slavs (an outlier; Slavs are just white people in intersectional feminism) and blacks, then non-aryan whites, then middle easterners, who Hitler liked especially because of their anti-semitism (another outlier; middle-eastern muslims are very highly regarded by intersectional feminism), then asians (called 'honorary aryans' by Hitler himself; Also ignored and otherwise treated like white people by intersectional feminists), then lower caste aryans, then true nordic aryans. They also didn't like disabled people, even having euthanasia programs in place for them. The same for homosexuals. I'm not sure they even knew transgender people existed, but I'm pretty certain they would have killed them as well. The nazis actually saw women as of equal or higher worth to men in general, but still preferred men to build their society, so...

As you can see, the person at the highest point of the regressive stack, a black, transgender, lesbian, disabled woman, would be at the lowest point in the nazis' eyes. You might say: "See, they are the polar opposites of nazis, not at all similar!" But that's not exactly true: Rather, they are the mirror image of them and thus equally reprehensible.?"

The really bad part is that this pretty much applies to everything libs believe. You can find and replace every keyword with the equivalent white term and it's no different than what they say about whites or the rich. And that should give everyone pause to think these pseudo-nazis are actually considered "compassionate" and "egalitarian" when they're really just sexist and racist against white men.

Sep. 18th, 2016

Mask of God

The First Birther: Barack Obama

Posted for posterity and lulz: http://ace.mu.nu/archives/Obama-Column.jpg

Who knew that underneath that suit was hillbilly white trash?

Jul. 30th, 2016

Mask of God

Nixon's Southern Strategy

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Nov. 6th, 2014

Mask of God

Quote of the Millenium

"The common thread is that the Left is in favor of people indulging in stupefying pleasures, freed from personal consequences, so long as in so doing they do not challenge the State, a la Brave New World. They respond to those who preach or practice to the contrary with scorn and suspicion, if not violence."

Aug. 26th, 2014

Mask of God

On The Term Intellectual

I think I've realized why people roll their eyes at the term intellectual: the intellectuals nowadays lack intellect.
Much in the same way geocentric model believers can't be astronomers the average intellectual relies on aping tired tropes and talking points from a failed ideology. Count the number of times intellectuals explicitly use terms and phrases practically plagiarized from Marx's own books. Consider how intellectual leftists movements like critical theory never posit any actual alternatives to capitalism and just beat it into your head that capitalism is evil.

Feb. 26th, 2014

Mask of God

Orwellian Leftists V. Arizona Law

There has been a recent draft of orwellian leftist talking points lately because Arizona has dared to uphold the basic freedom of association.

Apparently the rights as enumerated in the constitution are only useful to leftists when they can get away with forcing religious individuals to act against their beliefs.

I think this demonstrates quite well for those who might not be blinded by the media that the Dems hold our rights in contempt.

Jan. 16th, 2014

Mask of God

Nitpicking The Dark Knight Returns- Stupidity and Strawmen

The Dark Knight Returns is direct-to-video movie adaptation of graphic novel of the same name and is one of the best direct-to-video animated movies out there but I just have one complaint- the depiction of liberal and conservative strawmen.

They suck! I mean there's extremism which takes an idea to its logical conclusion with disregard for common sense and then there is rank idiocy. The liberal strawman is really way beyond stupid to compare to liberals but is vaguely consistent with liberal ideals. The conservative strawman- an expy of Reagan. This is where the Strawman becomes absurd as Reagan apparently sics Superman on Batman. Why does he do this? 'Cause Republican or something. Now since when do Conservatives despise vigilantes like Batman for being tough on crime or at all for that matter. Seriously, this is quite possibly the most idiotic strawman ever, second only to Carlos Mencia's skit where George Bush demands Carlos be more P.C. (nevermind that political correctness is one of the things that conservatives hate the most about leftists). It doesn't make sense from either side of the political aisle- leftists caricaturize Reagan as a warmonger with a black and white view of morality. None of those perspectives remotely resembles that characterization.

Stupidity in general is rampant. I think the Joker does have a superpower- the ability to make anyone who isn't Batman act completely idiotic. First, they invite the known mass murderer to a talk show. Second, they send cops to guard the Joker from Batman because of course it makes perfect sense to ignore a known mass murderer in favor of a vigilante who never killed anyone- brilliant! Third, they hunt down Batman for finally putting the sicko down. Is Gotham corrupt or just too dumb to live?

That's it. It's a good movie I would recommend to casual and hardcore fans alike.

Oct. 23rd, 2013

Mask of God

Faux News


"However, professors Kevin Arceneaux of Temple University and Martin Johnson of the University of California-Riverside suspected these studies failed to properly characterize the real-world impact of partisan news"

Yes. Because partisanship was invented by Fox News. There was no such thing as bias before Fox News. Then there are comments like this:

"Fox news is always trotted out as the quintessential example of partisan news, and not without reason, but MSNBC is its left sided mirror."

Does it ever occur to these people that the ones living in the bubble are themselves. Seriously, Fox was the only network doing actual journalism when the other networks were too busy sucking Obama's cock throughout both election campaigns.

Jul. 12th, 2013

Mask of God

Just Thought I'd Clear This Up

Saw a yahoo post about how the actor behind the new Spider Man reboot thought Spidey Should Be Gay and I couldn't help but notice how everyone who felt the negative reactions were homophobic reactions kept misrepresenting a certain phrase: "homosexuals don't reproduce, they recruit" so I typed up this little number to explain the underlying thinking under the delusion that leftists were sensible and intellectually motivated people.

I laugh at all the comments about how people who disagree are homophobic. Try to think of it not as an actual recruiting station ala the military, think of it like this:

1.) popular culture regularly gives homosexuals more exposure than blacks (25% to 10%) in films- consider that in real life the exclusively homosexual account for 2 or 3% at the highest estimates and you might understand why we say that Hollywood is attempting to normalize homosexuality.

2.) Popular culture can't accept that there may be degrees to which one prefers one sex over another and because of it their ability to portray sexuality is intrinsically flawed- the average joke involves a masculine character having one errant thought about men and becoming a homosexual or in some cases having no remote interest in men and discovering their homosexuality because they were too heterosexual or whatever(notice how the joke is never the reverse because the reverse would be deemed "homophobic"). Imagine how a twelve year old who is just learning about his/her own sexuality would feel with society sending such idiotic and contradictory things especially as their body is starting to boil over with hormones that make them do weird things and every media source out there is saying that no matter how you react to any conceivable stimuli you're gay, not bisexual or even just experiencing weird sensations caused by misfiring hormones, just gay. Do you see how this could have serious detrimental effects.

3.) Hollywood is inept at portraying homosexuals as it is. I remember my Film teacher at some point in class said of Brokeback Mountain: "...the relationship was abusive." There is a disturbingly commonplace trend in Hollywood to write homosexuals as either horrendous effeminate stereotypes or sociopaths. I remember in one episode of Family Guy Peter was injected with hormones and became gay. I remember this episode specifically because Peter LEFT HIS FAMILY FATHERLESS to pursue his selfish desires. Do you really want these people to dictate to your children the nature of sexuality?

So, let's see: they are over representing the homosexual population by a large margin and they are inundating the media outlets with messages that are contradictory and idiotic unconsciously creating an environment flooded with misinformation, and finally they are creating an unconscious narrative that anything at all out of the ordinary is a sign that you are homosexual (and no human is ordinary).

Jul. 6th, 2013

Mask of God

(no subject)

I wonder, is the problem with liberalism rooted in atheism or is the problem with atheism rooted in liberalism. It's kind of a chicken or the egg deal I know but it is still so very, very tiresome to talk with either of them: much for the same reasons: the unwillingness to actually study the issue, have a good faith debate, the reliance on emotion over contemplation or refusal to think outside their little American/ Western Civilization box.

Either way, there is nothing worse than the theologically ignorant trying to be deep or profound.

1.) Lucifer doesn't exist (it is a reference to a Babylonian(?) king that got messed up in translation. Lucifer is christian pop culture at it's worst. I'll admit that all those stupid arguments about God creating evil might be the fault of Christendom (I say might because there are still good arguments showing how lacking in perspective that argument is).

2.) The name of the tree is "The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil" not the "Tree of Knowledge". Who knows if Eve hadn't eaten that fruit then we might be traveling the universe in a ftl ship by now.

3.) Consider that the people God killed were either a.) enslaving his people (Egypt), literally riled themselves from their daily work to rape two angels (Sodom and Gomorrah), or sacrificed children to their gods (Canaanites) when you bring up that number as if it's supposed to mean something besides empirical evidence of being a historically illiterate dumbass. I find people who pull that number out to be either hilariously ignorant or outright sociopathic.

4.) Consider that this was the bronze age, a lot of the values and ideas you and I take for granted did not exist. Do consider that for every complaint you may have about the law there is a great deal of historical and cultural context.

Honestly, I think the reason I hate debating them both is this: there is a wall, a stupid little wall composed of idiotic notions of pop culture -only white men want to get rid of abortion; war is the ultimate evil; corporations are evil; global warming; etc., only that they refuse to even acknowledge even when evidence otherwise is presented. Every time the debate starts it is impossible to get a good back and forth because I have to make these people unlearn the stupidity brought on by years of exposure to talking heads in love with the sound of their voice.

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